Nowadays, outsourcing is a trend among organizations. Companies prefer to outsource various business processes due to its many benefits. It can be more affordable to outsource than to grow an in-house development team. With outsource development, companies can get jobs done at a lower cost while improving performance quality. Additionally, their own employees can concentrate on the primary jobs while other operations are outsourced. Businesses will have increased efficiency and services by outsourcing job functions.

All over the world, there are plenty of outsourcing destinations. However, it is important to find the best-qualified individuals to perform your processes. Here are the best countries to outsource to in 2021:


The Philippines was colonized by the Americans for a long period of time. This allowed Filipinos to adapt to their culture, especially their language. The Philippines is one of the largest English-speaking populations in the world with more than 92% of Filipinos able to speak English fluently. Most international companies find it easier to collaborate with us since there is no language barrier. Aside from this, the country offers low costs to outsourced services hence the Philippines being a cheaper option. Ultimately, there is a growing freelance market and e-commerce in the Philippines which makes it one of the top choices for outsourcing.


China is one of the best choices in outsourcing production and manufacturing processes. Firstly, it has the highest population worldwide meaning that manpower and workforce are abundant in China. Companies can find many potential employees which could lead to a faster production rate. Secondly, many western countries also outsource production in China due to the availability of diverse raw materials and low-cost labor. Lastly, China is home to many developers and new technology. In fact, the country is filled with multiple IT companies and competitive markets. The level of innovation within the country makes it attractive for companies looking to outsource.


India is the world’s best option in terms of outsourcing software development. Their workforce mostly specializes in IT and there’s a significant development of technology in the country. Furthermore, most Indian workers are highly skilled software and technology experts but labor is cheap. The software development market in the country is growing at a fast pace. This can be attributed to the fact that their education system concentrates on producing STEM graduates. Additionally, India is the second-largest English-speaking country in the world. Companies can find a wide range of tech specialists in India with jobs specializing in application development, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other tech-related fields.


The educational system in Ukraine has a strong focus on the tech industry. Therefore, they fill a significant amount of demand for the IT workforce on the global market. Moreover, Ukraine has more than 1,000 agencies that provide IT-related services with a vast pool of talent. It is a popular destination for outsourcing tech expertise and software development, similar to India. They provide tech services to different sectors like manufacturing, insurance, restaurants, gaming, and healthcare.


Poland is known for its software and programming industry as it has become one of the world’s leaders in the IT industry. The country is filled with outstanding software developers, exceptional IT graduates, and also an innovative market. It is home to the third most skilled programmers in the world. Moreover, 30% of the Polish population speaks English which makes it easier to cooperate with them.

If you haven’t considered outsourcing, now is the best time to incorporate it. It is beneficial for your company as it is now the trend in e-commerce business. However, the choice of your outsourcing destination and manpower depends on your company’s goal.

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