Companies should be resourceful nowadays considering the competitive field we have. For example, some businesses adopt outsourcing, commonly known as BPO. The demand for these third parties is growing as companies prefer to invest in external service providers for certain areas. With this, vacancies for jobs are beginning to rise as well. So here are some of the functions that are commonly outsourced these days:

Customer Service

Customer service representative is one of the most in-demand jobs in the Philippines today. Given this, Filipinos are popular with a lot of international companies due to having a friendly attitude and good English communication skills. These are perfect for both voice and non-voice BPO. Additionally, labor costs in the country are also known to be the lowest in the region. Therefore, attracting the eyes of international corporations. Businesses take advantage of these characteristics, especially those from Western countries.

Digital Marketing

Businesses need effective communication with the market to boost sales. Recently, the process has shifted digitally since traditional marketing activities are no longer effective. Moreover, managing online platforms and implementing SEO are challenging tasks. As a result, most companies now invest heavily in digital marketing. Hiring digital marketers can significantly help entrepreneurs. But the question is whether to go with in-house or outsourcing. In outsourcing, businesses can avoid time wasted and additional costs from training as they will immediately gain from their experience. Additionally, outsourcing will allow companies to partner with seasoned digital marketers. Ultimately, leading to higher efficiency and better brand building.

Technical Support

Technical support representatives have also become in-demand recently. This is due to the increasingly heavy use of gadgets by the population. Tech companies outsource the process because of one reason: they need large manpower. Services like this are required to be available 24/7. Therefore, it would be very costly for businesses to hire employees that can cover such period. Plus, expenses are needed for the additional equipment and space. Outsourcing technical support can serve that demand while ensuring expert service is provided.

Data Entry Jobs

Most companies have already invested in Information Technology databases. This is to keep track of records such as customer data, financial records, and other electronic data. Data entry jobs have an important role in maximizing these tools. But there is a catch –  the occupation tends to be repetitive and can negatively affect employees. Although hiring new staff is possible, some companies would rather invest in operations employees already. However, outsourcing has become the best option for data entry process. This is because it is cost-effective and can improve the organization’s efficiency.

Shipping and Logistics

The e-commerce industry is significantly growing in the Philippines. In fact, an article from Business World indicated that 91% of Filipino internet users shop online. Out of that percentage, 76% proceeded to the transactions. Businesses, mostly start-ups, are starting to expand because the industry is becoming a trend. Therefore, this shift paved way for the demand for shipping and logistics. This is a difficult business aspect to handle. Moreover, transportation vehicles and warehouses are needed and must be managed along with the customers’ orders. Outsourcing shipping and logistics have become a crucial strategy to save costs and focus on sales. Ultimately, businesses can now integrate the process while maximizing their operations with outsourcing.

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