Most companies find it challenging to hire new employees. Announcing job openings and interviewing applicants are tiresome processes. However, these are important for the success of businesses. Due to the pandemic, recruitments became much tougher. Even so, huge firms were able to adapt. There were a lot of changes and trends since then and here are some:

The World of Social Media 

Digital marketing has been significant during this time. Businesses started to notice that conventional flyers and posters seen around the Metro are ineffective. Now, most market their products and services on social media because Filipinos are very active online Similarly, companies looking to recruit announce job openings through social media. It cannot be denied that the post can easily spread on Facebook, Instagram, and also Twitter. Evidently, some recruiters even join Facebook groups to engage with potential candidates. Ultimately, simple yet well-constructed posts online can get the attention of those interested.

Online Interviews

The COVID-19 cases within Metro Manila are still high. Therefore, companies have adapted through the use of video conferencing platforms for their communication. Likewise, employers hold job interviews online instead of applicants reporting to the offices. Most firms use Zoom to interact with the candidates. This is much like a regular face-to-face interview, only now via monitor screens. Now, there are a few multi-national companies that use the platform HireVue. However, interview questions in HireVue can be pre-recorded unlike Zoom and other video conferencing apps. The applicant still has to schedule an interview but the questions will be asked through a recording of the interviewer. Next, the candidate has a few seconds to process the question. After that, the response will be automatically recorded with a given time limit. Certainly, this is a good option for companies with many applicants.

Virtual Job Fairs

Before the pandemic, Filipinos quickly filled up the job fairs in Metro Manila. Companies have many options for applicants and vice-versa due to the large crowd. However, the pandemic put a pause on this platform for recruitment. It is impossible to hold such events given the nature of the COVID-19 virus. Fortunately, job fairs can be held remotely due to advancing technologies. DOLE advised the public of the different online job fair links in commemoration of Labor Day. The department reported that over 500 employers participated, offering over 23,000 local and international vacancies. Essentially, job fairs have been a really big help for the working class for years.

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