Graduation season is upon us again and students are now transitioning to the real world. They now have their eyes set on companies who are hiring to find jobs. Huawei Philippines even held a virtual recruitment event to recruit fresh graduates. The technological company partnered with universities in Metro Manila for the hiring of talents. Shortly after, it would be all about doing work. But this is a new chapter for the fresh grads. The environment is new and the experience can be unexpected. With that, here are five fears that are seen after graduating from college.

Not Landing a Job

Landing a job right after college is one of the biggest concerns of fresh graduates. They worry that they might not find stable work since unemployment can be scary. Or sometimes, they think that it might take a while to land one. But the pressure is real and cannot be denied. The reason why most finish college is for good employment. So taking too long to find a job might be disappointing for them. Still, there are ways to overcome this fear. One of them is maximizing job portals to find the perfect company. These sites can help in searching through all the possible vacancies offered.

Less Quality Time

Another worry by most fresh graduates is not having much time off. Being a student, there were term breaks, summer vacation, and even a long Christmas vacation. Hanging out with friends was also possible after classes. In post-graduate life, the focus is usually on work. All jobs require chunks of time, especially entry-level positions. Even so, they can adapt through proper time management. Responsibilities in the company can’t be avoided, so it’s all about work-life balance. Also, fresh grads can pick the company of their choice if given the chance. Vacancies listed in job portals often show details about the schedule. Some even offer flexible work time! It would be a big change being an employee but one can still adjust easily.

Being Tired All the Time

Another thing that fresh graduates think about is not having energy after work. If college can be tiring, they already expect that real jobs require more effort. They would go all-out to accomplish tasks needed for the day. At the end of the shift, of course, exhaustion hits. And the commuting around Metro Manila can’t be taken off the minds as well. Compared to university life, there would not be many days off too. The best solution is probably to manage the sleep schedule. Responsibilities cannot be avoided so the focus must be on gaining and maintaining energy.

The Adult Life

With the student life over, fresh graduates now have to go through adulting. This means that added responsibilities are upon them. And what’s one responsibility that is really scary? Paying bills, adding the fact that it’s costly to live in Metro Manila. Back then as being a student, there would be allowances and not many expenses. Adulting gives that feeling of needing to contribute to the payment of household bills. Or in the case of fresh graduates who decided to move out, these are unavoidable. Don’t get me wrong, avoiding unemployment is a relief. But, fresh grads are still adjusting to having this kind of duty.

Are the Learnings Enough?

Fresh graduates also overthink at times their learnings from college. It is normal to wonder whether these can translate into the real work environment. They’re transitioning from being a student to an employee. But these thoughts have become more evident today because of online learning. Many students are voicing out that they are not gaining from the new normal set-up. It is possible that this can affect the way they handle post-graduation life. Still, company websites and job portals show the qualifications needed for every position. So what’s important for fresh grads is to be confident of their abilities and potential.

Don’t Overthink It

If you’re a student or a graduate, don’t overthink about unemployment or your next phase. Sure it could be a difficult transition, but there are ways to overcome each fear. Many companies are hiring so you’ll find the workplace fit for you. Most fresh grads just enjoy the new chapter and take the shift as a challenge.

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