Human resource department plays a significant role in a company as they make sure that the company and employees are working hand in hand harmoniously. Being one of the most complex departments, it is necessary for them to simplify processes in order to maintain organization within the organization, may it be the process or the policies. A study showed that out of 10 HR professionals, 6 of them claimed that they do not have enough source to fund and support human resources initiatives. When facing this type of issue, HR support service may come in handy.

What is HR support service?

HR support service is used by numerous companies nowadays. It is a service center which helps companies provide experts that are lacking in HR professionals; specifically, companies have HR but they are not sufficient enough to be organized. Aside from providing HR professionals, HR support service could also offer services such as, developing and implementing of HR policies, managing proper performance and providing training and guidance to the employees of the company.

Aside from considering services that it offers, the company must take into account situations wherein they are already in need of HR support service. The followings are some basic indicators that company should consider acquiring HR support service, namely: (1) low retention rate, (2) unmeasurable perfomance, (3) unskillfulness and demotivation, (4) concerned safety of employees, (5) burnout employees, (6) unhappy employees, and (7) confusion over terms and conditions.

(1) low retention rate due to poor recruitment process which resulted in unqualified skills of unfit employees

(2) unmeasurable performance which resulted to informal communication due to assigning of new roles which employees may not be capable of

(3) insufficient training and coaching to the employees which resulted to unskillfulness and demotivation

(4) unorganized procedures and policies which resulted to concerned managers and employees for their safety

(5) undocumented absence of employees which resulted to burnout employees who take over workloads of absence

(6) lack of compassion towards the complaints of employees which resulted to unhappy employees

(7) confusion over terms and conditions on job responsibilities due to unofficial contract of employment or job description

In conclusion, a company that is unorganized and does not know how to handle employees could use the help of HR support service.

Employees is one of the most important factors in running a business. The performance of the employees affects the success of the business. Thus, employees need to be managed well and have a proper training and guidance. With the help of HR support service, the following could be taken care of, namely: (1) employee and (2) HR activities.


As aforementioned, employee plays a significant role in running a business since their performances affect the success of the business which is why they need to be well taken care of. By taking care, it means that employees would not result to burnout due to absence of some employees. With HR support service, employees could focus on their core tasks. Specifically, employees from support service center would be the ones to answer multiple calls to resolve professional problems. Furthermore, they could help in planning team building. Team building is one of the activities that employees need since they need time to have fun and get out of their cubicle to break down political and personal barriers. With the professionalism of HR support service, they would make sure to enhance and improve productivity and motivation of the employees. With this, they could build an effective team. With the help of HR support service, the company could improve productivity and at the same time reduce employee frustration.

HR activities

Responsibilities of HR department is . With HR support service, this enables companies to save time. Specifically, such service could help companies do their daily routine administrative tasks. Aside from the administrative task, they could help in the recruitment process since most of them are HR professionals. As aforementioned, HR support service is full of HR professionals, they know clearly what to ask and what to look for. With this, companies do not have to contact interviewees for specific employee information.

If your company is sensing the aforementioned indicators, then you might want to consider acquiring HR support service. Springboard Philippines offers a variety of HR services and solutions to companies that are in need of help. Specifically, Springboard trains potential candidates to help the candidates to achieve excellence in the workplace. Aside from providing potential candidates, they also provide tools to boost performance of the business since they really value productivity in the workplace.

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