Companies consider recruitment as an investment because the employees are the lifeblood of the operations. But, businesses may hire the wrong candidates. This tends to be common in the Philippines and can negatively affect the company financially. Bad decisions can increase employee turnover within the company. Moreover, these can result in added expenses or a decrease in income. Some unnotice making the wrong move until the poor results are seen. Even so, here are some situations where the company becomes doomed for the mistake.

Leaving Out the Attitude

Companies usually focus on an applicant’s skills and knowledge when screening. Candidates will most likely land their respective jobs when the employer is impressed. But, not only attitude is being judged. A great benefit for the company is having the ability. In the long run, a bad character can make a huge difference. It can be hard to manage someone in your workplace who has a poor work ethic or is negative towards co-workers. Remember, it’s easy to improve skills and widen knowledge through training. As for the attitude of the employee, it would be more difficult to alter.

Disregarding Fitness of the Employees

Not all who will apply will fit in the company. But, employers sometimes convince candidates to select the organization among their other options. This is because they might have a good set of skills and technical knowledge. Or, their past jobs might have been with prestigious companies. Employers should never solely focus on their abilities. Candidates know better if they will suit your culture or the industry you belong to. Plus, the motivation of the employee might not be high if you oversell your company. Simply go through the recruitment process without forcing things. As long as the vacancy is well-promoted, the perfect candidate will eventually recognize you.

Hiring Family and Friends

Having relatives and close friends in a business can be common. In fact, family-owned businesses make up 80% of businesses in the Philippines. Still, it should be noted that there are companies that exaggerate their relatives’ qualifications. If you’re familiar with the situation, you might be passing on better applicants. These candidates apply because they believe their abilities can be handy for your company. It’s beneficial to evaluate each potential employee. Additionally, having a number of loved ones in the company may also affect morale. It can be really positive for the workplace given the relationships. But, if personal conflicts get in the way then the business may be in trouble. Hiring family and friends can still be good for the firm, just make sure that they are qualified for their respective jobs. And to avoid issues, apply the solution of separating them into different departments.

Panic Hiring

If you’re hiring out of desperation, your business is also prone to the mistake. There are moments when employees suddenly leave or the company has to fire someone. So, the instinct of some employers is to immediately find a replacement. After all, the race to hire skilled employees in the Philippines is competitive. Panic hiring can negatively affect the decision-making of companies. Recruitment must take time and thorough review in order to get the perfect applicant.  I suggest screening candidates carefully and discuss opinions with your team. A slow and steady recruitment process will be greatly beneficial in the long run.

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