Like it or not, the people that hold your organization’s management positions are what make or break your business. Your company’s success and failure is highly reliant on whom you employ in these executive positions and because of this, finding the right type of people with the right set of skills and competencies is a crucial and detrimental part in finding success and sustainability for your business. This is where executive search comes into the picture.

What is Executive Search?

Executive search is essentially a recruitment or hiring service a variety of companies, businesses, and organizations pay for to hire highly skilled applicants and potential candidates for executive, senior-level , and C-level positions across different sectors and industries. This method of hiring involves commissioning a third-party company or organization such as an executive search firm to research on the availability of qualified candidates.

What is an Executive Search Firm?

Organizations known as executive search firms are HR consulting firms that specialize in executive search and go through optimized, cost-effective processes in finding potential candidates for the position in contrast to in-house recruitment processes in most organizations. Whether it’s looking for a candidate with a rare mix of skills or needing a crucial senior-level candidate in times of change, executive search should be something to consider. They operate exclusively for clients and are able to look for potential candidates that have diverse backgrounds or candidates who are not actively seeking new positions. Here are some of the reasons why successful businesses, organizations, and companies use executive search firms.

  1. 1. Access to an extensive network of executive professionals

One of the main reasons and biggest advantage of using an executive search firm to facilitate the recruitment process is access to their massive network and wider reach when it comes to the labor market regardless of what industry or sector. This would otherwise be unreachable through normal recruitment means as you will not be able to reach passive candidates that currently already have positions in other organizations. Only the ones actively applying for different jobs will be included in your list of choices. However, these firms can search for potential candidates that already have executive positions but may be better suited for your business in terms of culture, goals, and vision. In addition to that, only executive search firms will have the resources to find and convince executives that are not actively looking, which is something out of bounds when using an in-house HR recruitment process.

  1. You are in need of a candidate with a particularly rare skillset

When looking for a potential candidate with a particularly rare set of skills and competencies that fit a certain executive position, it would be extremely difficult to find one. However, executive search firms have the resources and networks to be able to gain access to these skilled potential candidates in the market. Candidates with these rare skillsets may not be people who are actively looking, however executive search firms have the resources to be able approach candidates that already have executive positions and possibly persuade them to get on board your organization. Executive search firms will give you potential candidates with the skills you need as well as the work ethic that is in line with your company culture.

  1. You want to be able to save time and resources

Your business’s time and resources are integral and the optimal use of these assets is crucial when it comes to running a business and succeeding in the industry. Executive search firms take care of the entirety of the hiring process, taking the burden off of your business thus saving you a ton of time and resources. This gives you and your company more time to focus on processes you specialize in and company goals knowing that you won’t have to worry about the collective recruitment process.

  1. It is more efficient than human resource departments

In contrast to in-house headhunting and internal recruitment processes, executive search firms can use their massive network and market knowledge to provide the highest quality of candidates. Because these firms specialize in executive search, they have the resources and experience dedicated to the headhunting process which equates to a faster, quality, and overall more efficient process.

  1. You are looking for a candidate for a newly opened position

It could be an issue if you opened a position that you don’t know a lot about and thus don’t know exactly what you’re looking for in a candidate or what benchmark to refer to. Because of this, finding a suitable candidate will be difficult because the core competencies to assess a potential candidate are not known. Executive search firms have the experience as well as the knowledge and research to bridge that knowledge gap and thus are more likely to find the right person for the job compared to when you hire by yourself.

  1. You want to hire in discretion and secrecy

There are circumstances and situations where discretion is needed during the hiring process, such as looking for a replacement for an executive that is still active in his or her position. By outsourcing the headhunting process, workplace privacy or secrecy will remain paramount. In addition to that, there are many situations where you may be hiring from a similar pool of the labor market with other companies or competitors. Potential issues and conflicts may come into fruition because companies, organizations, and businesses might have to fight for a particularly skilled executive, which may cause issues. Getting an executive search firm is an excellent way to avoid injuring relationships and making enemies with other companies by keeping everything discreet through a third party.

  1. Your company networks for candidate referrals aren’t working for you

Let’s say you have exhausted your network and connections for potential candidates and none of them are working out for your business. Executive search firms have the best networks in the labor market and it might be time for you to access another network. Furthermore, they have access to candidates who still have positions in other companies and organizations.

  1. Executive search firms are specialists

Executive search consultants provide a variety of research on different industries as well as a ton of hiring experience on the table. They have a huge network across the labor market and a lot of knowledge in what to look for when it comes to potential candidate as well as a wider reach of candidate options. Searches for high positions such as senior-level and C-level positions are too important. Executives in those positions can make or break a business and it only makes sense to hire a firm that specializes in that area of hiring.

There is no doubt that your executive labor force is the backbone of your company’s decision-making process. They are detrimental success factors for your business and will make or break your company. If you happen to be looking for a potential candidate for one of your organization’s executive senior-level or C-level positions, consider looking at Springboard’s executive search website and the service they offer. Springboard is an executive search firm in the Philippines that offers quality international headhunting and executive search services for any industry and sector with efficiency and discretion.

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