Nowadays looking for a job is ultimately competitive in the Philippines, especially finding someone who will recruit you. Moreover, due to the high demand for job candidates, it is also hard for a firm or business to hire an ideal candidate and maintain these workers. That is why a lot of companies nowadays are joining to a manpower agency and delegate them the task of recruiting and selecting candidates.

Here in the Philippines, most manpower agencies in Manila are firms that work for both its client company and to those job applicants. These agencies act as a middleman to make work efficient and provide the needs of both parties promptly. These agencies are experts in the recruitment field, where they select suitable candidates that are fit for the job. Besides, they prepare you initially before you face the company without the benefit of the doubt.

So how does a manpower agency benefit you? In joining a manpower agency presents countless benefits which can aid the job-seekers to get hired quickly. Here are 5 great reasons why to consider joining a manpower agency.

#1 It makes hiring faster

The first reason why it makes hiring faster is that the companies won’t do the interviews, employing and examining the candidates, which is very time consuming and costly for the company. So what these companies do is that they hire a manpower agency to do these usual tasks of hiring, and these agencies, on the other hand, have interviewed and prepared candidates who are qualified for the job. It shows here that manpower agencies have a big database where the resumes and other data of these job-seeking candidates have. Thus, making the work efficient.

The second reason is that these agencies have a great experience in interviewing as they are doing this for a living. This gives a benefit of a doubt that agencies can sort and filter out job applicants more refined, and they can be able to find the exact fit that a firm or business requirements for a job. Moreover, this can also shorten the full cycle of recruitment, since they have a database which they can dive into, which is also stated earlier.

#2 Aids you to know about the industry and act professional

Most of the manpower agencies provide pieces of training and seminars for their applicants where they develop them to be more professional and equip them to satisfy the needs of their client company. Also, due to the rapid changes in technological advancement, which affects the job market, what these agencies do is to provide more opportunities that can be suitable for the applicants in the future. Where some manpower agencies in Manila provide seminars which enhances their skills, mindsets, and education in the upcoming industry 4.0 and keep them capable in the future. Accordingly, manpower agencies do not only act as a recruitment agency, but you can treat them like as a coach, mentor, or your teachers for you.

On the other hand, they do not only target those candidates who reach the tertiary level of education. But instead, they are delighted about teaching and training anyone competent of learning and willing to learn about the skill set that is needed for them to be qualified in their career that they wanted to be in. They also ensure that candidates can get a feel of the company stigma and disciplines.

#3 They give you what you want not just want you to need

Manpower agencies do not solely provide jobs, but they match you to the position where you aspire to strive for, not only in a monetary sense but also to the job that you relish and desire.

Furthermore, they provide jobs for these candidates on a long term basis. For example, your contract has ended in a company, the manpower agency will guide and get you another job that is in line with your experiences and talents. Considering also that their main objective is to provide you the job consistently. If ever the skill sets are contentious in the job market, what commonly these agencies offer is to provide training for the candidates and expand their skills sets, expertise and confidence for them to match the demands of the market.

#4 They Handle Each applicant Up Until They Grow

Besides you save time when you join a manpower agency, they also help you all throughout the process of getting a job from begging to end. Which will provide job applicants a more untroubled time and assist them in every step of the hiring process. They also update you with every progress of your employment. In case you get accepted or not, the agency is still gladly to assist you with every decision making and provide you other options or opportunities that are plausible in every step. Hence, joining in a manpower agency will also guide you with the job negotiations on what to pursue and what not to continue.

#5 It is Less Risky and More Dependable

Since the agencies have already established connections with their client companies, it is less risky and practical since they will send your skill set and qualifications to their client companies. So you won’t have a hard to apply in every company, and you can put your efforts that are wasted in applying with other domains like time for your family, friends or for your own self. Moreover, while you wait for a job, the agencies are also proving seminars and other things that can condition you for your next job.

Furthermore, the chances of getting scammed in applying a job are low since these agencies run on an immense scale, and these agencies also ensure that their tie-ups are reliable and legit. It is also guarded with laws considering these agencies are in compliance with the Labor Code of the Philippines under the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

If you are still not convinced in applying in a manpower agency, some benefits are difficult to quantify, but the relationship and connections that you gained in applying will give you a head start. Furthermore, these agencies can able to “sell” you to their tie-up company. In contrast, when you apply independently, you won’t be able to get the benefit of expanding your connections.

Overall, working with these agencies will save you time and effort, provide you the tools that you need to be capable in the realm, offer you the job that you endeavor for, and qualify you to the standards of the company.

With these qualities, applying to a manpower agency can provide you more opportunities for you to work and obtain more experience in different fields.

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