Back in the good old pre-internet days, the only way businesses marketed their brand was through old school methods (i.e flyers, signages, tv ads, radio ads). Currently, everything is digital.  Without an online presence, chances of your business to flourish further will go down.

If you’re just about to start your business, one of the vital strategies to consider is having a good online presence. We’ve narrowed down 5 reasons why having a good online presence is a must for every start up business:


  1. You reach a larger audience.

You rarely come across anyone who does not go online. Kids these days as young as 7 years old have social media accounts; even grandparents have their own Facebook accounts! Creating your brand’s social media presence can reach anyone in this world. You can even select which demographics will make up as your target market. There is no limit; only unlimited possibilities of reach to a very wide-scale audience.


  1. It builds your brand fast.

If you’re a start up business without any idea how to get the word out, the best way is to start with building your brand online. From there, people will start talking about you, especially when they start to see targeted ads from your brand.


  1. Business never sleeps.

Technically, this will be the case for your business. Let’s say I’m a purchasing officer who suddenly remember that my boss needed me to purchase a bulk order of paper for our office use. It’s 11:00 in the evening, and no one can entertain my inquiries on who will have the best price for me.  Luckily, this company “ABC Paper 1” has an inquiry section in their page! All I do is fill up the form, submit, and wait for their representative to contact me the next day. Since I need a company who can provide me with the cheapest price, I go on to Facebook and message “ABC Paper 2” for a similar quotation and just wait. Your business is working hard for you round the clock so it will rely on you as well to entertain the potential customers it reaps for you while you are asleep.


  1. You gain the consumers’ trust.

Being present online gives the consumers a sense of trust. Personally, before purchasing anything, I check for the business online, read their reviews and sometimes even message them first about questions regarding their product. Having a high number of followers also helps persuade me, as a customer, to believe in this brand.


  1. You spend less for marketing and get more time to do other necessary things.

Do you have any idea how much billboards cost nowadays? It’s great for companies who have a big budget but not so good for small businesses. Relying on the internet to market your brand is the way to go. Luckily, companies like Springboard are around to have these services outsourced so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Springboard Philippines offers a wide range of digital services such as: social media marketing, web design and development and search engine optimization (SEO). Everyone’s building their social media presence nowadays, what’s stopping you?
By: Seline Y. Online Contributor