Companies are always in need of talent. Each company has their own way and process of hiring the right people who are suitable for positions that need to be filled. Although, sometimes the capacity of companies only reach a certain extent. The effort and time used to find such talents can be costly for the hiring company, and sometimes there are present risks when it comes to hiring. Such risks would be that the company didn’t hire the right person, and the amount of money spent to hire the said “unfit” person would just be neglected. It’s a given that companies would pay good money to find the right people, but not all companies have perfect human resource departments. And sometimes companies are so focused with other functional aspects of the business that they tend to put aside the human resource department, which in turn can cost them dearly. Acquiring new positions in a company would comprise of a variety direct costs such as costs from recruitment, hiring and positioning. What many people don’t realize, is that you can actually save up on costs and further develop the company if you hire the right people. There are a lot of factors that influence a good performing company, and one of the main influencers is having the right people. After all, the employees are what makes a company. And if one puts this in perspective, The costs of Human Resources actually presents itself with either expense or asset factors.

As mentioned before, some companies don’t have the time, resources, or even the network capacity to find the right candidate. Big companies like multinationals usually have a large following of potential applicants due to the fact that they’re a top corporation and they most likely have enticing features and benefits, but these companies are just a small percentage of the entirety of corporate entities. Small to Medium sized businesses usually have a harder time when it comes to finding the right people. There are chances of having a high turnover rate or having a limited pool of applicants. What some companies can do though is consider recruitment agencies to help with their Human resource needs.

Recruitment agencies is actually not a new concept. Though what must be pointed out is that a recruitment agency is not the same as a manpower agency or an employment agency. Usually these manpower or employment agencies would assist companies fill in needed job positions which are usually blue collar jobs such as janitors, construction workers, and alike. And sometimes contractualization is a practice of such agencies. Recruitment agencies on the other hand are different. A recruitment agency works hand in hand with the contracting organization or firm to find the right people for specific functional roles within the company. Finding the right Executive Managers, Qualified Information Technology Specialists and Experienced Supervisors are examples of the positions a recruitment agency would help an organization find. And in reality, acquiring the aid of a recruitment agency would not only help a company find the right candidate, it can actually also reduce the overhead costs that are generated by the human resource department.

Now before contracting  with a recruitment agency, its an essential factor to know which recruitment agency will work best for you. What a firm must do is to find an agency that is aligned or is involved in the same industry. That way they are aware and certain of the kind of people the company many need. Recruitment agencies can specialize in many fields, fields such as: Information technology, Banking and Finance, Healthcare, Business Process Outsourcing and even specific functional positions such as Doctors or even Chefs.

Every company has a process or recruitment cycle that they adhere to. Recruitment Agencies actually help their clientele find the right person for the job immediately, The run time of recruitment varies but its certain that it would be considerably faster to find a candidate through an agency. The reasoning behind this is that agencies already have a pool of potential talents. When a client come and gives the certain specifics, attributes and qualities they are looking for, then the recruitment agencies just goes through their already set list of talents. It saves a client company a lot of precious time, and like the saying goes, Time is gold!

There is always a risk of overlooking certain candidates, sometimes they are not what they turn out to be. Which is why a lot of Human Resource Departments are extremely careful when it comes to their application processing and knowing this it would involve a considerable amount of resources to do so. Through a recruitment agency on the other hand, finding highly qualified and suitable candidates will just be easily provided. As mentioned, Recruitment agencies specialize in certain industries. Finding the right and suitable agency will eventually deem the contracting company to find the right candidates, most of which are highly qualified and probably the perfect match for the firm.

Like I said a while ago, Recruitment agencies are actually very helpful for small to medium sized business. Due to the fact that their in-house recruitment is not as developed or capable to do certain hiring tasks for the company. An essential part a company must acquire is their professional identity and an attractive image for applicants. At most cases small companies like start-ups are not really considered by qualified applicants because of the fact that there isn’t as much security as compared to a multinational firm. Nowadays its actually pretty difficult to find the right people and these small to medium sized enterprises can be at the losing end because their top picks were probably already hired by bigger firms. To counter this and to keep an enticing professional appearance for potential candidates, Companies can use the services of recruitment agencies to find the best applicants in an effective and efficient manner as compared to their in-house recruiter. Agencies specialize in this field of business and keeping a good track record is important for them, so it would be alright for a company to trust these agencies and let them find you the right person.

Now, once a company finds a qualified candidate for the job and after the company hires the said candidate, you’d expect the job of the recruitment agency to be finished. Actually most agencies offer a 3-6 month security period for the said candidate to work in the contracting firm. During this period, the client will evaluate the performance of the candidate and see whether or not the person is right for the company. If in case, the company decided that the candidate is not the right person or if the candidate decided to leave the company; the recruitment agency would either provide a refund or find the company a new talent. From here, you can see that these recruitment agency would go to the further extent to ensure that their service is was meaningful for the firm. And they’d go the extra mile to help you develop your company by finding the right people.

In the Philippines, There are a number of considerable recruitment agencies in Manila. As mentioned some agencies have specified specialties, and a lot of recruitment firms in the Philippines vary. Springboard is an example of a recruitment agency in Makati as they specialize in finding you the most qualified personnel for your company. They go beyond to ensure that their provided candidates would be the candidate you’ve been looking for.