The process of recruiting can be a tedious task for some companies for it naturally requires a lot of time and effort on their part. That is why, as a result, some firms find it difficult to have enough time to do it well. The human resource staff needs to check many applications from candidates, which is very time consuming. Also, there are some instances that among these pool of applications, only a handful are actually fit for the job.

In this day and age, recruitment agencies are now becoming a necessity for some firms because they always have the need to hire the right employee but they don’t usually have the time to find these people themselves. With the right experience and vast network of recruitment agencies, they can be of great help to these firms in looking for the right employees at the least amount of time.

What is a Recruitment Agency?

Recruitment agencies act as a middleman to companies that are looking for possible candidates to fill a certain job position and to people that are looking for employment. However, it is important to note that different agencies focus on specific fields such office personnel, security, or technology. This is in order to be able to determine which agency is fit for the job position that you are seeking to apply for.

The core of recruitment firms is to be able to provide the most suitable candidate for a certain job position that their clients have asked them to fill. Moreover, turning to these kinds of firms would enable companies to easily and effectively expand their workforce in a hassle-free approach. As for job seekers, they will be able to land a job more quickly and easily because these recruitment firms would tap into their networks and look for possible job openings for these applicants.

How do they Work?

Companies turn to recruitment agencies to look for job candidates for a certain job position. As companies work with recruitment agencies, they need to provide them with their list of job openings and vacancies, qualifications, and job description in order to effectively search for the right candidates to provide to their clients. Also, they provide assistance during the screening, interview, and selection of the new hire in order to ensure a smooth transition for the company and the new hire.

In terms of payment, the structure of payment varies depending on which type of services that you will acquire. First, contingency recruitment is a salary-based fee but only paid once a hire is made. Second, retained or executive search is paid based on the assistance done in filling a certain role. Third, on-demand recruitment, is based on an hourly rate with an adjustable level of support. Lastly, recruitment process outsourcing is an approach wherein the firm completely takes over the internal recruiting function of their client.

Benefits of Recruitment Agencies

Fortunately, recruitment agencies generally have worked with different companies for quite a long time already and often know what their clients are looking for in an applicant. That is why they can effectively filter and choose among the candidates to narrow it further to be able to successfully hire the right candidate for the job. Also, it can be beneficial to both companies and job seekers for they can be of great assistance during the entire employment process and they have an exclusive access to certain job openings that you would normally not have on your own.

  1. It saves time

The process of searching for applicants to fill in a job vacancy and the process of hiring is a very time consuming task for any company. It requires spending a lot of time and resources just to look for the right candidate and, in some instances, lead you to a pool of unqualified applicants, which is a total waste of time and efforts. Recruitment agencies can help take away all the hassle with regards to recruitment. Their services include screening of curriculum vitae and resumes, communication with the candidate, general administrative duties, initial interviews, and salary negotiations. Having the recruitment agency assume all these responsibilities would enable human resource managers to exert their time and efforts on the other aspects of their department. In return, it can help yield an increase in the overall productivity of the company. Also, it lessens the workload on the part of the human resource department.

  1. Beneficial to job seekers

With their ultimate purpose of helping companies fill job vacancies, it can be of great help to applicants that are seeking of becoming employed to land their ideal jobs. A recruitment agency can help job seekers in two ways. They can either contact applicants directly with the help of online job hunting platforms like LinkedIn or applicants may contact the recruitment agency by themselves. With their broad connections, they already know which companies and sectors can provide better opportunities and jobs that are fit for the expertise and knowledge of their applicants. Also, having been able to form partnership with their clients, they are usually the first ones to learn about job openings and vacancies that will be needed by their partner companies, thus, allowing their applicants to quickly get in contact with these companies.

Good recruitment firms make sure that they assist in placing their people for the right roles in order for them to help them become top performers in their chosen career paths. If a candidate is not fit for a certain job position, it is their duty to assist them in landing a job that would best suit their skills, talents, and expertise in order to help pave a way for them to grow.

  1. Cost-effective

Hiring recruitment agencies saves the company from the costs associated with the hiring process such as pre-employment testing, drug screening, and background investigations. Since these agencies have their own staff that are equipped with the necessary skills to effectively and quickly find the right candidate, it helps the company to quickly fill in job vacancies which, in return, saves them from incurring possible losses. Also, the expenses that come along with payroll processing and administration of employee benefits is assumed by the external agency. Moreover, it would enable firms to allocate their resources on other important aspects of their businesses without immersing into the tedious job of handling human resource matters.

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