Have you ever wondered how people get contacted and offered jobs, positions, and career opportunities that are yet to be offered and advertised all around the net? Perhaps you are a business owner or organization leader and you have been considering outsourcing the entirety of the recruitment process for reasons such as gaining a wider reach in the job market. Or maybe you just don’t have the internal in-house resources to deal with recruitment. Whatever the objective is, executive search agencies are useful tools when it comes to recruitment in the business world. When an organization wants to get the perfect guy for the job, executive search agencies are the answer.

What exactly is an executive search agency/firm?

In the job market, finding top level talent can prove to be hard, and this is precisely why companies enlist the services of an executive search agency. An executive search agency or firm is a specialized type of organization that provides recruitment services that seek to bring extensive solutions that are beyond just searching for a candidate. These firms or agencies aim to find the right candidate that fits within the client’s organizational structure by taking organizational culture and climate into account. In essence, they offer specialized recruitment services that search for top-level candidates for executive, senior, and C-level positions that may not be actively looking for jobs in the market.

Why do businesses hire executive search agencies for recruitment?

The first question that probably comes to mind is “why get an executive search agency if I already have an HR team?”

Most organizations will have a human resources department that can function as internal in-house headhunters. As a matter of fact, a lot of Philippine companies have human resources departments and human resources teams which make having one a common practice in the country. The process is as simple as putting up a job opening in platforms such as LinkedIn, waiting for interested candidates, checking out their background and profile, then interviewing them. This process does work. However, if you are trying to hire someone for an executive, senior, or C-level position, you won’t be able to reach the entire pool of qualified candidates, especially those who already have jobs and may not be actively looking for a new one. This is precisely why companies hire executive search agencies.

What are the types of executive search firms/agencies?

An executive search firm can either be retained or contingent. Basically, contingent firms are pain after the successful completion of the executive search while retained firms are paid through the course of the process. Contingent executive search agencies heavily depend on their contracts, which is one of the reasons that incentivize clients to work with many different contingent firms simultaneously to obtain a wide reach of candidates as well as maximize the amount of interested applicants. On the other hand, retained agencies are the executive search firms companies go to for important top-level positions and often have longer-term business relationships with the client.

How do executive search agencies find top-level candidates?

Although many recruitment specialists and consultants from executive search agencies in the Philippines utilize job advertisements to garner the interest of potential candidates, they do not stop with enticing job descriptions and tempting advertisements. Executive search firms go the extra mile by contacting and offering positions to qualified candidates directly. They are able to access and contact candidates who might not even be actively looking for new jobs because they currently have one. These firms are able to do this by utilizing advanced search processes that complement their access to a large portion of the job market, something a standard human resources team can never do. In addition to that, some executive search firms facilitate the entire recruitment process, which includes the interview all the way to the negotiation process. Because these firms specialize in the recruitment process, they are able to tap into a wide range of networks in the industry while using research and years of experience to find the right person for the job.

But what about the potential candidate’s “fit” for the company regardless of skill set? Worry no more because executive search agencies in the Philippines develop a hands-on relationship with their client, doing the appropriate research to consider the client’s organizational structure, culture, work ethic, and policies to assess if potential candidates would be the right fit for the company.

Whether you like it or not, the people that hold these executive positions are what make or break your business. Your executive labor force is the backbone of your company and is therefore a detrimental part of your success and sustainability. Because of this, finding the right hire is extremely crucial, and no one can find the right hire better than an executive search firm.

Hiring the right person with the right skill set for a top-level position in the Philippines is no easy endeavor. It is not as difficult to get candidates interested in an open position in your company but hiring top-level talent that is both qualified and fit for your company is much more difficult. Hiring an executive search agency in the Philippines such as Springboard will not only find you the right person for the job, but will also save you time and resources, taking care of the entire process of executive search from beginning to end. Springboard is a top notch executive search agency in the Philippines that offers human resource services and solutions that enhance your workforce to achieve excellence regardless of what work they do. With a client-focus perspective, Springboard Philippines combines industry specialization and experience to shape the next generation of top-level executives, adding value all throughout the business world.

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