Headhunting is one of the commonly used recruitment strategy in the Philippines as it effectively leads recruiters and hiring managers to potential candidates. This is an efficient way to fill in your open positions because instead of waiting for applicants to come in and show interest for the job, you are targeting people who are more fit for the job.

Headhunting skills are not easy to acquire. You have to be patient in pursuing your career in headhunting before you can actually do the job efficiently. The job may be overwhelming that’s why you looking for a firm to help you out is ideal. Looking for the best headhunters in the Philippines is the best way to do it. Headhunters in Manila are easy to find and you can check their track records to see if they are perfect for your company.

But honing your skills as a headhunter can be advantageous as well. Being an expert on what you do is one goal professionals have and being one in this career is something worth working on. To help you out, we summed up the tips and techniques on how you can improve on being a headhunter in the Philippines.

Know Your Potential Target

Shooting random arrows at your target is not a way to go. As a headhunter, it is important that you have complete knowledge about your potential target. When you present potential candidates to your client, your list of applicants must not only be good, but they must be exceptional.

Research is the main key to do this successfully. Use your network and ask around. Gain as much details as you can. Making use of social media is another way to do it. You can find little crumbs on your candidate’s professional background through their social media accounts.

Know The Job Role

Nobody should know about the role your trying to fill better than you do. Headhunters have a tendency to fill a position without full understanding the position. Just knowing about the position’s requirements is not enough to hire the qualified candidate. As a headhunter, it is your responsibility to know how a candidate can excel in the open position to know which skill set to look for.

Communicate with the department’s manager to know what to expect from an applicant. List down all the information about the position to know whether your candidate fits the job or not as early as the screening process. A headhunter who does not know what to specifically search for is searching blindly.

Verify Information Indicated In The Candidate’s CV

Save yourself from a lot of headache by doing this essential tip. We’ve all been through that phase where we draft out and finalize our CV. And as much as as people try to deny it, some applicants put little white lies in their paper. To avoid being confronted by your client about a misleading information, as a headhunter, you should verify the information written in the candidate’s professional CV. Asking the right questions during the interview can help you figure out if the information is legit or not. You can also talk to their references to verify the applicant’s work record, performance, position, etc.

But be sure to this method professionally and appropriately. Some might mistake this as nitpicking if done appropriately. As a headhunter, you should be strict about the details about the candidate you’re endorsing to the client to build a good rapporteur.

Boost Your Company’s Visibility

Headhunting requires a dash of convincing. A candidate would most likely want to be employed by a company with a great reputation and presence. It is also essential to extend your help internally. Exceed a bit more effort in putting your company out there and let people know about it. When targeting potential candidates, it would take less work introducing your company when they personally know about it already. In this case, you should only aim for good publicity contrary to what people believe because negative publicity can affect how a candidate sees the company.

Draw The Line Between Eager And Pushy

Showing your enthusiasm towards a candidate is something they can appreciate. You target potential candidate can be encouraged with your eager on hiring them. But remember to draw a line between being eager and being pushy.

While you should convince the candidate to join the company, keep in mind that it is important to give him or her the space to reject your offer. Being a bit too eager towards a person can put too much pressure on them which can lead them to pass on the opportunity. As a headhunter, you should be able to appropriately convince a potential candidate without being too close on their face.

Use Your Network To Spread The Word

When starting off, you don’t have to go too far. You can start by tapping your network. Get their help in spreading the word along. Be sure to specify the job position, responsibility, and requirements for the post. Through the word of mouth, and with the help of those around you, the news will reach qualified candidates. This can bring you more choices of better talents that you can choose from.

You can also consider posting in your social media and LinkedIn accounts to spread the word after. Through this, you network of family and friends can easily share the open positions to their personal circle.