Manila Mayor Isko Moreno has been actively working on the improvements of the city since he started his term last July of this year. And one of the city mayor’s main priority is providing jobs for the Manileños through inviting more businesses to invest in the city. Recently, Moreno has urged call center executives to bring their business and open their offices in the city.

The BPO industry has been one of the top revenue generators of the country. In 2018, it has been reported that the Philippines remains to be the call center capital of the world. The Philippine call cent sector generated revenues of $12.77 billion revenue in 2016 and $13 billion in 2017. CCAP is expecting the sector’s revenue to rise to $20.4 billion by 2022 under the existing roadmap.

“The Philippines continues to be the largest location for delivery of contact services in the rest of the world. So as an outsourcing destination, we continue to dominate the No. 1 spot as a country. There is no close No. 2. We continue to be No. 1 in terms of market share,” Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP) chairman Benedict Hernandez said.

This may be one of the reasons why Moreno has started tapping the industry executives to give the city of Manila “a second chance”. The mayor’s pitch to the businesses is not a deal that is easy to turn down. If BPO companies decides to invest in the city, the mayor offered them incentives in exchange.

For starters, companies that accepts the mayor’s invitation can bene fit from the possibility of years-long tax holidays and automated transactions with the government. BPO companies that will commit to hiring Manileños at offices based in the capital may enjoy the same benefit as well. Another offer from the mayor is for businesses that will construct 20-floor buildings in Manila can be exempted from paying real estate taxes for the next 15 years.

“For 15 years wala akong mahihita sa inyo pero on the 16th year I can earn more because you already built properties there. Hindi niyo na maaalis ‘yung building niyo doon,” (For 15 years, I wouldn’t be able to get anything from you but on the 16th year, I can earn more because you already built properties there. You wouldn’t be able to remove your buildings there anymore) the mayor said.

Moreno also added that Manila can earn more with the policy that requires businesses to have 70% of their employees as Manila residences. This will ensure that the people of Manila will benefit from this the most. He added that this will increase Manileños’ their purchasing power, it will also lessen the criminal cases in the city, and will add more taxpayers in the country.

He also mentioned the city’s one-day processing of business permits. He said that the local government is now in the process of digitizing data. In July 08, 2019, Moreno signed Executive Order No. 8 that has created “Business One-Stop Shop” or BOSS to fast-track application of business permits. Businesses may soon be able to pay their taxes any time of the day, anywhere.

Moreno sees that tapping the BPO business community could help fuel his administration’s social amelioration programs. He also highlighted that the city has many graduates that can be trained and eventually be professionals that can help their businesses grow. Moreno also remarked his business pitch as both an invitation and a fair warning to companies.

“Heads up, ’pag hindi kayo sumama sa Manila ngayon, mapag-iiwanan kayo.” (Heads up, if you don’t join Manila now, you will be left out), Moreno said.

And the mayor’s call to action was not left unheard and unanswered. Weeks after Moreno’s call to BPO executives, the industry’s top local tycoons have responded to his call. In a learning center and food facility opening event in Tondo, Moreno stated that the industry tycoons have agreed to extend their help to the city. BPO industry leaders said that Manila has been part of their lives and responding to the mayor’s call to action is their way of giving back to the city.

Moreno said that their investments are now being studied. The city government has also started working on their counter-proposal to the companies. The mayor said that they will protect the businesses from corruption and show them the possibility of investment.

The city mayor reiterated that the offers he presented to the BPO companies are not just big promises. He mentioned that he didn’t promise anything to the businesses but said that this is the basics. They provide the job and the city gives them the ease of doing business in return.

He also said that this can also help in keeping the city’s peace and order. He has encouraged businesses to prioritize Manila residences when hiring new workers. Moreno said that creating more job opportunities can prevent from rampaging the Manila streets if people have full time jobs and decent pay.

The call from the city leader is a clear sign that Manila is ready for the BPO industry now more than ever. The local government has given great offers to companies that will respond to Moreno’s call to action. It is safe to assume that the capital will soon join the other big cities in the top as one of the biggest places that houses that call center sector in the Philippines. The prompt response from the industry tycoons is also a positive sign that Manila is on it’s way to housing more BPO companies in its premises.

As Moreno mentioned, if you don’t join Manila now, there is a possibility that you can be left out. But starting out may seem overwhelming as Manila is not as BPO company-filled as the other major cities of the Metro. Let a Manila-based company help you out in starting your business in the city. Springboard Philippines is an industry-expert that you can count on. Reach out to us and we’d love to sit with you to discuss how we can help you be the next big thing in the capital of the Metro.