One common misconception job seekers have in is that the job search journey is one-sided. It is important for companies to best the most suitable talents to join their company but it is also essential that jobseekers find satisfaction in the company and the job they’d be applying for. The job market is filled with talented candidates and reputable companies that are looking for the “right fit”.

This is truer for executive jobseekers. There are a lot of executive search firms in the Philippines and being tapped by executive recruiters can be helpful. Executive jobs are not easy to accomplish. You have to have the right skills and knowledge plus enough experience to be able to deliver well.

To make the best use of your time when searching for an executive position, you should be sure with what you want, have a target and focus your efforts on achieving those targets. But in the Philippines alone, there are just too many promising executive positions available. How do you cut down all the opportunities down to a shortlist? Here how you can evaluate if the company is ‘right’ for you.

Start With The Job Description

Before diving into looking for the perfect company, you should first be sure that the available executive position is fit with your professional experience and personal preference. The first thing to check: the job description. It is your first contact with an organization. It is how a company gets your attention and convince you why you’d want to join them. But some companies often neglect them, making the job listing all about them and their requirements.

Quick tip: make sure to go through the job description deeply. Some listing just throws in a set of skills and qualifications they want to have but may be actually irrelevant to the executive position. The best companies utilize this to share professional growth opportunities and talk about the employee perks and benefits they have in stored for you.

Go For The Company You Want

There are a lot of great companies out there and even more promising executive search firms in the Philippines. So where do you start looking? A great to kick off your executive job hunting is the organization you want to be a part of. What company have you been eyeing for some time? Is it that large firm in the middle of the city? Or is it that long running business in your hometown? Whatever that company is, put them at the top of your list. With this, there is a higher of satisfactory in your professional career.

Then Check Their Competitors

Of course, you shouldn’t consider just one employer. Top executive jobs does not come from one employer alone. After your dream company, you should also start listing down other prospect choices.

Jot down what makes your dream company exciting and find similar companies that sparks the same interest. If you aren’t sure what specific companies fit the description, you can find them through Google. Searching for the company often leads to competitors from the same field in the search results.

Use The Interview To Your Advantage

Take note: the interview process is a discovery process not only for the executive recruiters but for the jobseekers as well. Meaning, you should also be learning about the company and open position as much as they are learning about you. In the interview, feel free to ask questions. Hesitation will not help you. Go ahead and ask to figure if the company’s culture and values is the right one for you.

As early as the interview process, you should be able to objectively evaluate the company based on your own observation. Take note of the red flags that you noticed along the way and weigh if these are going to be a problem once you come onboard.

Ask Around

Be sure to get feedback from your friends, mentors, and previous colleagues. Talk about the companies on your list and they might be able to help you on narrowing down your choices. Every organization has their pros and cons, and you could use this method to know about the deal-breaker about a company.