Finding talents is a crucial part of the success of your business. That is why most companies should have a formal hiring process in selecting the right person to lead your company. In searching for the best possible candidate for your company, it requires time, connections, and human resources. Using your good instincts and gut feeling when you look for candidates should not be tolerated, especially when you are looking for executive managers that will handle the vital and critical part of your business principally.

In able to get the possible executives to work for your company, it requires you to first assess the culture of your company. You have to recall and identify the objective of your company, the values that your company embraces, the mission and vision of your company, and your future targets in your company. By assessing your company, you will be able to identify what type of executive managers do you really need, as well as developing a precise picture of what you are looking for. In this manner, identifying your culture in your company can establish your particular criteria in selecting candidates.

Once you have established your own criteria, you can now able to derive the purpose of what these executives must be doing combined with the qualities that he/she must have. With this,  you will be able to set a job description which will identify the position that you need, the scope of the work, the responsibility that is being handed out, the level of skills that are essential according to your needs,  as well as the experience required. By defining the job description, you can be able to communicate clearly the job requirements that candidates must possess.

After establishing what you are looking for, and you don’t have the time and connections to find an executive to work for your company, or you don’t know where to start from. It is best to find an executive search recruitment agency or an executive search headhunter that can assist you in providing the possible candidates since looking for top executives can be challenging. For these agencies to give you the list of candidates, they must know the culture of your company. By explaining to them the values, mission, and vision and the long term goals of your business can refine the job search. Moreover, defining the job description also can increase the chances of finding the exact candidate that you are looking for.

Executive search agencies are highly specialized agencies that look for top executives. Since there are only a handful of executives that are available in every industry, it is not immediately identifiable, or some are not immediately available. These agencies find candidates by utilizing their in-depth knowledge in the industry and use their connections to provide you the most suitable candidates. After they have selected candidates, these agencies conduct a detailed interview to confirm that these candidates are really fit for your standards. Usually, these agencies shortlist the candidate before they hand out the list to you.

Since you are the one who knows exactly about your company, you’ll be the one who will do the final screening. In providing a structured interview, it is better that you create an evaluation scorecard that you can use to grade and compare the performance of the selected candidates. You can also be assisted by the agencies in managing and conducting these interviews. Using a behavior-based interviewing technique can further induce candidates to describe how they handle specific challenges from their past experiences. As we all know that past experiences are one of the best indicators of the performance of the candidate if they will work for you. Another approach that you can do is to provide an arduous scenario where you can see how they handle these situations.

After you have selected your preferred final executive candidate, the executive agency will handle out most of the administering task, starting to the rates up until the formal contract. This is the best part of having an executive agency, they will do the job from searching candidates, provide tests, conduct a screening interview up until they work for you. Executive search firms are more than a recruitment agency. They build relationships between you and their firm as well as your company. They act much more like a consultant that guides your company in selecting the most exceptional executives.

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