Applying for jobs may usually be nerve-wracking. Companies in the Philippines don’t take recruitments lightly as they want to employ the best candidate by holding interviews to better screen applicants. This part of the hiring process makes one type of person anxious the most: introverts. I’m one of them and it’s true that most conversations are difficult to handle.  Not only do we tend to have butterflies, but we often respond poorly too. Do you have introverted qualities like me? There are still ways to nail your interview!


The best tip to give to introverts is to just practice before the interview. Research on how to answer certain questions. “Describe yourself.” and “Where do you see yourself?” are some that are typically asked. While doing so, most will suggest practicing speaking in front of a mirror. You will be able to see yourself eye-to-eye while communicating. The reason? Introverts are not fond of speaking but some also dread engaging in eye contact. But given the means of interviews today, there is a better way. Try to record yourself using your computer. In this way, you can also review yourself afterward. Making you comfortable when speaking is one thing. Watching yourself will let you know how to present yourself better too.

Study the Company

Oftentimes, introverts feel the nerves moments before recruitment interviews. One way to pull up that confidence is to research the company. It doesn’t matter if they are based in the Philippines or are international corporations. Firms usually want to make sure that the ones they’re hiring know about them. So study up their background, goals, and mission and vision statements. It’s possible that the recruiter may shift the discussion to test your knowledge. Learning about the firm will make you feel you’re really mentally prepared. We can all agree that being ready helps avoid panicking during the process.

Ready for Small Talk

There are people who don’t like small talk and most of them are introverts. But in interviews, there is a high chance that you will come across this. Your impression and rapport with the recruiter can be affected by such conversation. Short and plain responses may be interpreted by the interviewer as rude or awkward. At least keep the chat flowing by asking your own questions that can bring learning. The usual conversation starter is asking “How are you today?”. Try responding with “I’m doing good, thank you. How about you? How’s the experience here?”. You may ask other open-ended questions of your choice for a positive short talk. Being prepared in this area avoids dull moments during the course of the interview.

Use Your Introvert Qualities

Be proud of being an introvert! Try to mention that you are one when given the chance. You might not see it now but it can be critical for jobs. One way is it can represent both your strengths and weaknesses. Usually, being an introvert means being a good listener and having great focus. This can be a great strategy to sell your advantages. Your qualities may also be a weakness but use them as fuel for improvement. You can mention that communication may be difficult at the start. Afterward, transition by using it as a goal to grow with your colleagues. Especially because jobs in corporations need teamwork in the environment. As an introvert, I’ve learned to never be shy about showing who I am. You never know, but your recruiter may be one too! If so, this is definitely something to bond about during the recruitment.

Be Confident to “Show-off”

We can all notice that it is common in the Philippines to show off. Titles are posted on social media and awards are mentioned in conversations. However, most introverts are shy and because of this, they can be too humble sometimes. I bet you can relate like me, right? It has been an instinct to avoid the spotlight even with all the achievements. But during the interview, it’s all about yourself so it’s better to brag. If given the chance, show confidence and mention your accomplishments. Be it from college or from your last company, give tons of credit to your feats. You can include this during your practices so you can be comfortable when discussing these. Plus, showing off can really highlight your skills and credentials. Recruiters may come to the realization that hiring you can greatly benefit the company.

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