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The compelling advantages of Filipinos are the priority for higher education, where the literacy rate in the country is 96.6%, according to the PSA 2018 report, which is considered highest among Southeast Asia. Moreover, the Philippines is also considered as the world’s third-largest English-speaking country. With these primary dexterities that Filipinos have, it shows how qualified are they in the working scene. Currently, the country’s labor force is roughly around 44.6 million, where productivity growth has been consistently increasing for the past years.

In the Philippines, foreign businesses are allowed to have almost 100% of business ownership. Also, foreign companies now are permissible to be part of the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) investment scheme that Asian countries have. Moreover, more and more government corporations are starting to be privatized, ranging from banking, insurance, shipping, telecommunications, and the power industry, which has been delegated to private corporations. With progressive development plans from the government, doing business in the country makes new investors optimistic in establishing their industry and commerce, which fosters inclusive economic growth and further enhance the country’s competitiveness.

The five emerging jobs in the Philippines, according to the 2019 LinkedIn report, are related to technology or digital competency, where most of them require traditional roles in management and communication skills. These job roles, according to LinkedIn, are varied and diverse, where the labor market values talent, which are hybrid, or which has complementary skills. With this kind of jobs arising the demand for these emerging foreign companies to look for a top executive to work for them in the Philippines is vastly increasing in this time.

What’s an Executive Search Firm?

Looking or hiring for top talent can be challenging at times; that is why some corporations are employing top executives with the support of Executive Search Firms. Executive search firm affects every business and every level of management to find great talent. An executive search firm looks for top-level candidates, particularly senior managers, executive managers, general managers, or C-level managers for their client company. Many companies nowadays employ this kind of scheme, since hiring top executives is not immediately identifiable in the market, as well as to prevent the cost of a bad hire. Since executive search agency is all about building the right relationships with the right people, thus it cultivates links with companies and gets more connections.

How does Executive Search Headhunter look for Top-Level Talent?

Executive search agencies are smaller than the usual recruitment agency, but they are highly specialized agencies which can demand higher fees since its more time consuming and hard to find. Usually looking for an executive is not immediately available or identifiable that is why executive search headhunters have a range of personal contacts in the industry. Alongside with that, they also have in-depth knowledge about the industry, to find suitable candidates for their client company. Moreover, if they can’t find what their client company is looking for, they dive into business-focused social networking sites, such as LinkedIn or Calibr, to conduct extensive information that they are required. Afterward, they include the following candidates in their databases and utilize the process of “market mapping” to get the final list of the candidates.

Why do companies implement an Executive search firm in the Philippines?

Most companies who chose to implement executive search firms, has no internal resources, network, or evaluative skills when hiring an executive candidate or they don’t have time to sort through hundreds of job applications

The benefit of having an executive recruitment firm in the Philippines offers services from the hiring process, conducting detailed interviews as well as presenting the chosen candidates to the company. Furthermore, these executive agencies provide long-lasting relationships with companies to provide first-class services and a superior level of professionalism and confidentiality.

An executive search firm is retained in nature, where these headhunters work intimately and faithfully with their client company and applying the company’s procedure to find the right person to work for them. This process is painstaking since you have to meticulously look suitable candidates and shortlist them before conducting an interview. So after shortlisting and selecting the candidates, it’s the choice of the client company on which candidates they’ll pick out. These candidates that the headhunters have chosen are the ones who have the qualities and skills that their client company necessitates.

In general, tapping into executive search firms in the Philippines can save time, money, and human resources when you hire an executive. Moreover, the connections that these agencies have offers broader access to a deeper pool of potential candidates. Lastly, these firms act as consultants to their client company, implying they act as a separate entity with the company.

 How can they help you?

As mentioned earlier, the services that these executive search recruitment agencies provide ranges from the hiring, conducting detailed interview up until presenting to the client company the chosen candidates. So as an applicant, all you have to do is to wait and reap the benefits patiently.

 Executive search firms are more than a recruiting agency; they build secure connections and personal connections to industry leaders. Even when you are not looking for a job offer, they might offer you a job as an executive and provide the best offer that you can’t say no so if you got a call from one of the executive search recruiters in the Philippines. It shows that you have the attributes and expertise of being hired as an executive.

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