In today’s constantly evolving competitive job market, searching and hiring the ideal candidate with the appropriate set of skills may prove to be quite difficult. With the existence of a wide pool of possible candidates, it would pretty much be a needle in a haystack when it comes to finding the candidate fit for the job. Because of this, simply having a human resource hiring team may not be enough. This is where recruitment firms or recruitment agencies come in.

What is a recruitment agency or recruitment firm?

Recruitment agencies or recruitment firms are organizations that search for suitable candidates for particular positions in the client company. These firms are basically recruitment outsourcing companies. Looking at a specific job description, these agencies or firms search for qualified applicants through large networks, social media, job hotspots, websites, and job fairs. When the recruitment agencies or firms find a potential candidate, the applicant’s resume will be screened, a thorough background check will be done, company fit will be tested, and other such information will be gathered about the person. If a potential match is found, the firm or agency will then interview and discuss with the candidate.

Why hire a recruitment agency or recruitment firm?

There are a variety of reasons why hiring a recruitment agency and recruitment firm may be preferred by companies, organizations, and business in contrast to an in-house human resource hiring team. Here are 6 reasons why companies are using recruitment agencies. 

  1. Faster and more efficient hiring of candidates

The hiring process can be incredibly time consuming, especially when using an in-house human resource hiring team. Utilizing and hiring a recruitment agency or firm can save you a great deal of time since the agency will take care of everything from the candidate search to the eventual hiring. This will not only save your company a lot of resources and time, but will also allow your organization to focus on its core competencies as well as more focus on improving different aspects of your business.

  1. Access to highly qualified and talented candidates

One of the biggest reasons companies hire recruitment firms is the access to a large pool of highly qualified candidates by utilizing the recruitment agency’s large network that was developed over years of experience. With a recruitment agency, you are able to access both active and passive job-seekers in the market, meaning that you are able to reach those who are actively seeking work as well talent that is currently employed somewhere else, which is something you wouldn’t be able to accomplish with a standard human resource recruitment team.

  1. You lack the sufficient resources

Small companies, medium-sized companies, and startup companies may not have dedicated in-house human resource headhunters as well as the resources to hire employees on their own. These types of companies usually don’t have expertise and skills to be able to go through the hiring process efficiently and effectively. To ensure that you get the hire, utilizing a recruitment agency may be the smart choice.

  1. Need for a candidate with a specific set of skills and requirements

There are situations where the requirements for a candidate are very specific, something that usually happens when an executive, senior, or C-level position is open. Because of this, an expert who comprehends the skill set that you are looking for while having a quality database to pick from may be necessary. The firm will pretty much filter out any candidate that does not fit the requirements while simultaneously handling the entire process for you.

  1. Access to additional services

Depending on the recruitment firm, you may get access to additional services for the recruitment process such as psychometric tests that may help give additional info and insight for future hires. Handling these additional services in-house may prove to be very costly and time consuming. Furthermore, they take care of all the necessary background checks as well as the preliminary interviews, all while making sure the candidate matches the client’s requirements. Some other additional services include executive search, which constitutes in-depth headhunting for executive, senior, and C-level positions, psychometric tests, contractual negotiations, and much more. When choosing a recruitment agency, it is important to consider the additional services that they may offer.

  1. Access to market, industry, and sector expertise

Finding the right candidate may prove difficult when trying to get job seekers interested in a position in your organization. This is where a recruitment firm’s expert opinion, market knowledge, and industry expertise comes in. Recruitment agencies have tons of expertise and years of experience behind them as well as the fact that recruitment is the main service they provide. These firms are experts at screening, profiling, and filtering a variety of job seekers. This is especially useful when opening a new position wherein you do not know much about the benchmark and skill requirements. In addition to that, these recruiters will have the knowledge, skills, and resources to obtain the best talent, salary rates, and skill sets in the job market.

It has never been easier to recruit the employees you want with recruitment firms. If you own a business or are a leader or major decision-maker in an organization that may be interested in outsourcing recruitment and hiring, consider checking out Springboard PH. Springboard PH is a human resource and executive search firm in the Philippines that provides services such as headhunting and recruitment.

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