I recently got invited and took the opportunity to share my knowledge in one of the prestigious schools in the Philippines, De la Salle University-Manila.

What I've Learned in DLSU

The feeling was uneasy, yet invigorating since coming from a view of a person who graduated at a state university; this was a broad-jump. The feeling of incapable was suddenly turned into a huge success, the sense of something has changed inside, and having the confidence to reach my potential has promptly come to life.

As an SEO practitioner and an aspiring professor in my industry/field, I can say that this was a great start. Let me share with you what I have learned and what I made me step further to where I am now.

1. Learn to unlearn

When you were young, your mom makes an effort to educate you good habits: Always say please and thank you, eat your lunch on time, get your homework done before you play — the list goes on.

Learning good habits can elevate you and can keep you healthy and productive; it is all part of moving and growing toward to become a fully mature human. But what if you needed or desired to remove one and develop one at the same time?

By meaning, habits are something that you do automatically, without any thinking. They are shown, most of the time, unconsciously. Habit happened when a series of activities were done repeatedly. One short answer is to design the new progress you would like to take its place. For me, removing the old habits and replacing them to new, more successful ones can help me go through to achieve victory.


2. Perfection should not be your goal

That was my first time to teach in a formal setting. With all the preparation I’ve done through my powerpoint, practicing in front of our restroom’s mirror, repeated words while going to self to work.

I think that my teaching was perfect enough to present. But Voila! My expectations rapidly go downwards. It gave me big chills in the middle of the presentation. But I have overcome myself, realizing that perfection should not be your ultimate goal.

Perfection, by definition, is the “quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects.” But the goal should be to be better than I was in the past. No matter how long and hard it takes, if I am better than I was in the past, I’m going in the right direction.

The answer goes down to hard work that if you’re willing to put in to being the best practitioner in your field or industry, if you are going to stay dedicated and concentrated on the process to complete what you have started, eventually, you can reap all your efforts and happily enjoy it in a matter of time.

3. To Influence Others Should Not Be Taken Lightly

One of my fear in that particular situation is my ability, or am I capable of influencing? Teaching in “La Salle” for me seems to be a low-key peasant instructing a king, teaching our president how to run the country, offering money advice into a world’s billionaire. But don’t think of yourself of way too low, because you always have the power to influence.

Based on my observation, after my teaching, while I am thinking, somehow and somewhat, I gave them an idea to venture out on a digital marketing industry. It probably seems to me they are not interested in it for now, but for other times in their life, I truly believe that they can pursue and consider digital marketing because of my influence.

Influence is power. No matter who you are, where you are at, or what your goals are, achieving more influence is critical and should not be taken lightly for a success. When you make an impression on other people’s lives and do something that makes them feel inspired or motivated, this can make an impact throughout.

4. If You Can Manage Yourself, You Can Manage Anyone

One of the significant hurdles in my life is to manage myself. An imperfect human marching towards and facing big stuff in life can simply deteriorate me if I let my negativity swallow me whole. Therefore, I conclude that if you are capable of managing yourself first, you can effectively manage other people.

Management is something you keep discovering. You pick it up as you go on and progress. We can participate in all the management skills courses across the world, and they’ll always train us the evident skills for managing others.  It means setting high standards for our behavior and holding ourselves accountable.”

There is a lot you can learn from teaching experiences, although that was the first time, it pulls me out of the cave and unleashes of what I am more capable of doing. Dealing with your first things were good and it can build significant impacts on our lives.

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